Follow Your Stranger

by December XII

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Hello dear metal fans!

At last we have finished recording of our first album December XII - Follow Your Stranger.
We tried to make a new songs in style & traditions of the foreign metal bands, inspired by favorite bands and musicians! I hope that our tastes coincide, and at least some part of the album will live in your heart!

Stay Metal!


released December 12, 2012

All Writting By Sergey Chizov & Artemij Ryabovol



all rights reserved


December XII Russia

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Track Name: Riders Of The Wasteland
Wasteland is bloody ground
Happiness here never found
Gold and madness, violence, greed and hate
Faces hiding masks of lie
Because of that you can just die
Go far away, but may be too late

We go to the night
Find out who is right
Armor will carry true justice
We curse the sky
Dark Side needs to die
Among the flaming ruins

Riders of the Wasteland
Someday we'll find it a treasure
Strangers in the wasteland
Follow the stars on the way

Oh God, these men fell down
We must carry them freedom now
And you will see and you will feel tonight
Our swords are made of steel
We're going dream fulfill
Let us return these sinners back to light

Bloody night, the moonlight falls
Tonight we freed a lot of souls
They are crushed and never come back here
Wasteland keeps a curse and force
That we open the locked doors
Soon the sun will rise and light up earth
Track Name: We Are Born
We're Just Come In This world to rock
This is just begining of our way
We are men who don't give a fuck
On Each and everybody

We're praying for Metal Gods
They can heal us if we are tired
We are looking on rock stars
They are burn on earth each other

We are born on December 12
We will Rock You till God Call Death
We were born on December 12
and share this music with you

There is no difference when you were born
Everybody burns like ice and fire
Every month give great guys to rock
And seasons gave us power

There Is no difference if you are young
We are just doing our first steps
You can call our music "shit"
But It just makes us higher

We are born on December 12
We will Rock You till God Call Death
We were born on December 12
And share this music with you
Track Name: Right To Be Free
Tell me the story of eternal glory
Which we will remember, remember forever
There was the silence, gold, silver and diamonds
The stars shine so high, and we wanted to fly

Our world fell in one night, around the unearthly light
Our shrines in the fire of hateful desire
Oh, Father, forgive us for sins and for treasons
Humanity will rise to live and to die

Soon the sun will rise and we will go ahead
You must believe me, my friend
Many years we lived in peace and harmony
But now we will crush the enemy
Cause It's right, our right to be free

How many years have passed, remember it from the past
All our rights was broken, but we couldn't spoken
Oh, Father, forgive us for lies and betrayals
We'll atone those sins, all wars we would win
Track Name: Under The North Wind
You see the stars in the night
Have no reason to bring them down
Cause you cannot fly

Angels are calling for you
But you don't falling
You feel this danger
See eyes of a stranger
You can't destroy them away
Under the north wind you stay

You see the sign in the night
Thunder and lightning just comes on you
But baby don't be afraid
Under The North wind you stayed

Stranger inside you show you the light
Trying to wake up your mind
Stranger outside you walking on fight
Just to return you to life

You feel this pain from you body
You feel this pain like nobody
You became colder
You can't tell no longer
Cause Under The North Wind You Stayed
Track Name: Call Of The Stranger
Waking up every night
I'm trying to hide
From my nightmares and wicked dreams
Running after me to hills

A dark figure in the door
I can not sleep no more
Seems that he reads my mind
I'll follow him into the night

Oh, the voice is calling me somewhere
I leave my house, and slowly walk alone again
No one around, only shadows of the trees
From my fears ... Oh Lord, Can I sleep? Oh, Yeah ..

An ancient figure before me
Something strange that I can't see
Deep inside my brain I feel
It's so hard and so unreal

Fairytale or twisted mind?
Stranger shows way to the light
He told me about my life
Full of hope in finding love

Call becoming stronger
I'll be here forevermore?
Reason must fight with the fear

But the stranger disappeared
And with him my fantasy
It's all only my dream ... just a dream ...
Track Name: There Is No Way
The Time is Running
The Day is coming
it's Time To find our own way

A tales they told to us
We Can't wait no longer
but we have no vote to choose again

There is no way Out

We don't believe them
They are liars
Rule we will never return

We will fighting
With these assholes
Because fire in all of our hearts still burn

All the words they say are worthless
-They Don't keep their promises
All their lies are endless
-They Don't keep their promises
All our existence is cursed
-They Don't keep their promises
We are praying for better life